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RLT  Copyediting is committed to empowering writers and educators with the tools to help their writing shine and the confidence in knowing their writing is accurate and reflects their true intent. 

RLT Copyediting provides three types of expert services to our clients:

Proofreading - spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage

Copyediting - consistency, clarity, conciseness

Writing Support for Educators - meaningful narrative progress reports, thesis reports, dissertations


RLT Copyediting is owned and operated by Robyn Thomas.

After several years teaching English to middle and high school students, Robyn decided to pursue copyediting full-time. Robyn completed her Certificate of Copy Editing from UC San Diego Extension in 2017 and has been actively pursuing freelance copyediting work ever since.

While she does miss the students teaching her the latest dance craze (like Black Beatles, the #MannequinChallenge, the #Rolex Challenge, and “Juju on that Beat”) and helping students appreciate books they never thought they would (Lord of the Flies, anyone?), Robyn has enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of freelance work.


"You made some great catches! Thank you again for reading this!"

- Director of Marketing and Communications

"Thank you so much for taking on this project. You did terrific work on the report. I really appreciated that you used the required formatting."

- Head of School

"Robyn was super friendly, got the work done a day early, and gave me exactly the kind of details I needed. Her comments were thoughtful and thorough. I would definitely hire Robyn again!"

- author of middle grade novel


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